A Girl’s Must Have School Essentials

I’m gonna get straight to the point. I have these things with me every day at school.

  • Earbuds- you must have them…..no exceptions
  • Phone Charger- we all know the small little battery picture at the top of your phone turns to red faster than humanly possible
  • Fitbit- it’s fun, it’s helpful, and it gives out free stress 15 minutes before each hour telling me to get in my steps while I sit there helplessly in my seat
  • Planner- plan it out. Write it down and and remember the homework, or leave it in the medium sized pocket that every backpack seems to have, and use it twice a month
  • Water- aluminum, plastic, with a straw or without, it needs to be with you all the time. I mean what else are you supposed to do when you get bored, doodle on the paper?
  • Assorted Colored Ink- I color code everything. I highlight the essays, I highlight my notes. I colorfully circle all the verbs, and I colorfully box in the nouns.
  • High school Emergency Kit- includes deodorant for those after gym smells, a mini mirror for mascara in the eye moments, chapstick for the sunburnt lip pains, feminine products because well duh, bobby pins for the flyaway hair embarrassments, and  hand sanitizers because you know……. germs.
  • Cash- needed for those hangry moments we all have (don’t deny it)

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