Wet n Wild Milano Palette


Wet n Wild’s Milano palette is a great for all-around use. Out of the ten shades, three of them are matte, one has sparkles, and the remaining six are shimmery. This is my go-to palette for both everyday and more dramatic looks since it has such a great range.

Shade A is a light, slightly shimmery shade that works wonders in the corner of the eye to brighten it ups, or as a base for a darker shadow.

Shade B is a great transition shade into a smokey look or even a bright colored look.

Shade C is a lovely gold, that if its played up enough shines and is very pigmented, I use this in either theatrical makeup, or in very fancy looks.

Shade D is simular to shade C, but has a much more orange and bronze look, blended together the two make a great look for an evening out.

Shade E is a shimmery brown that is a great crease shade for a smokey look or any earth-tone based look.

Shade F is a mate taupe brown that pretty much goes with any outfit and any other look.

Shade G is my very favorite shade in this palette. It is easily put into any smokey eye and also works just on its own. Very pigmented and perfectly shimmery this shade is a very usable shade.

Shade H is a wonderfully sparkled dark brown. This is a strongly pigmented, earth-toned, shade that works everywhere.

Shade I is exactly like H, but without sparkles.

Shade J is the best pigmented black I have ever used.. Like this thing no joke is crazy strong.


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