7 things that you MUST eat while in the Florida Keys

The Florida Keys are filled with fresh seafood, juicy fruits, and decadent desserts. Here are some of the best things to dig your teeth into.

Cracked Conch at Snappers (Key Largo)

These delicious conch fritters are delectable and come with a wonderful view of the water and a friendly atmosphere.

Key Lime Pie at Mrs. Mac’s Kitchen (Key Largo)

This pie is creamy, rich and packs a punch of key lime flavor. 

Key Lime Pie from Blue Heaven (Key West)

The cookie-like gram cracker crust matched with the tartness of the custard, and the delicate and airy meringue top makes for a powerful trio in this iconic dessert.

Smoothies from Tutti Frutti Juice Bar (Key West)


Tutti Frutti fresh and fruity, this smoothie is healthy, tasty and delicious. Packed with pineapple, this is the perfect tropical treat.

Ice Cream from Snobachi Handcrafted Ice Cream (Ybor City Tampa, FL)


Snobachi Ice-cream is an experience. Walk into the black lite lit room and find yourself picking between ten very extra deserts and then watching brilliant crafters rolling ice-cream like an art form. 

Mac n’ Cheese Burgers from Datz (Tampa, Florida)


This is certainly one of the latest burgers I have ever tried to fit in my mouth, along with one of the best. With mac’n cheese cakes as it’s buns, this burger is juicy and delicious.

Donuts from Dough (Tampa, Florida)


This giant, creme brulée donut is airy, sweet and amazing.


Exploring the Oregon Caves

The Oregon Caves are famous around the country for their size, and inside is no dissapointment. 

The hike above the cave is nothing to ignore, beautiful rock faces and trees line a smooth but steep path.

The glorious view from the peak of the hike.

Hidden inside the caves, stalagmites and other beautiful decorations line the walls

We opted for the tour, lead by a enthusiastic and helpful tour guide.

If you ever get the chance to visit the Oregon Caves, it is definitely worth the trip. 

Shop Til’ Ya Drop: Compass Rose- Olympia, Washington

Compass rose is a must top shop when visiting olympia. Whether you are a hardcore Tumblr aficionado, or a high-key room decorator, this is the shop to visit. Gorgeous Swell water bottles are spread out throughout the store, along with trendy shirts, amazing mugs, delicious smelling candles, elegant jewelry, and much much more! Go check out compass rose: https://compassroseshop.com


Olympia Farmer’s Market 

If you ever go wandering around downtown Olympia, you are bound to either hear about or walk straight into the Olympia Farmer’s Market. Constantly bustling with locals and tourists, the market is filled with fun and treasures. The market features a huge variety of vendors from delicate bakeries to hard core tie dye to amazing beeswax creations.


These tie-dye creations are the perfect addition to any summer closet


The beautiful succulents and plants at this booth are easily added into any room or outside space.

Amazing smelling bath salts and soaps float from this booth and fill the market lanes.


Farm fresh produce is around every corner, just waiting to be found and enjoyed.

This is the spot for a delectable gyro and a cold drink on a hot summers day, or really any day.

Soba is one of my personal favorite stops in the market. The Thai Iced Tea is the best in Olympia and the spring rolls are absolutely legendary.

Must watch Netflix shows

Running out of episodes in your absolute favorite TV show? I know the feeling and I am here to cure it. Here is a list of some of my very favorite shows on Netflix, so go get some popcorn, collect all the blankets in your house and get to watching!

  1. The Vampire Diaries- I love this one so much! I instantly got so wrapped up on it. It’s very similar to Twilight, so if that’s not your thing this may not be the series for you
  2. Girlboss- this series is incredibly entertaining and very motivational. Must have for any girl’s night or sleepover
  3. The Carrie Diaries- ultimate favorite TV series. I love Carrie’s spunky personality.
  4. Bunk’d- because what else am I supposed to watch in the middle of a Washington winter?
  5. 13 Reasons Why- this list would not be complete without it… that’s why.
  6. The Shannara Chronicals- this MTV series is short and sweet. It’s a quick watch but takes you on an adventure and a love story
  7. Star Crossed- such a rollercoaster of emotions went through me while watching this, but it’s defiantly worth it.
  8. Gilmore Girls- just watch it.
  9. Girl Meets World- I literally reference this show 10 times a day. Light hearted and fun this show is a must watch
  10. Backstage- full of drama for that moment you need to think about somebody else’s drama to get away from your own

A Girl’s Must Have School Essentials

I’m gonna get straight to the point. I have these things with me every day at school.

  • Earbuds- you must have them…..no exceptions
  • Phone Charger- we all know the small little battery picture at the top of your phone turns to red faster than humanly possible
  • Fitbit- it’s fun, it’s helpful, and it gives out free stress 15 minutes before each hour telling me to get in my steps while I sit there helplessly in my seat
  • Planner- plan it out. Write it down and and remember the homework, or leave it in the medium sized pocket that every backpack seems to have, and use it twice a month
  • Water- aluminum, plastic, with a straw or without, it needs to be with you all the time. I mean what else are you supposed to do when you get bored, doodle on the paper?
  • Assorted Colored Ink- I color code everything. I highlight the essays, I highlight my notes. I colorfully circle all the verbs, and I colorfully box in the nouns.
  • High school Emergency Kit- includes deodorant for those after gym smells, a mini mirror for mascara in the eye moments, chapstick for the sunburnt lip pains, feminine products because well duh, bobby pins for the flyaway hair embarrassments, and  hand sanitizers because you know……. germs.
  • Cash- needed for those hangry moments we all have (don’t deny it)

Wet n Wild Milano Palette


Wet n Wild’s Milano palette is a great for all-around use. Out of the ten shades, three of them are matte, one has sparkles, and the remaining six are shimmery. This is my go-to palette for both everyday and more dramatic looks since it has such a great range.

Shade A is a light, slightly shimmery shade that works wonders in the corner of the eye to brighten it ups, or as a base for a darker shadow.

Shade B is a great transition shade into a smokey look or even a bright colored look.

Shade C is a lovely gold, that if its played up enough shines and is very pigmented, I use this in either theatrical makeup, or in very fancy looks.

Shade D is simular to shade C, but has a much more orange and bronze look, blended together the two make a great look for an evening out.

Shade E is a shimmery brown that is a great crease shade for a smokey look or any earth-tone based look.

Shade F is a mate taupe brown that pretty much goes with any outfit and any other look.

Shade G is my very favorite shade in this palette. It is easily put into any smokey eye and also works just on its own. Very pigmented and perfectly shimmery this shade is a very usable shade.

Shade H is a wonderfully sparkled dark brown. This is a strongly pigmented, earth-toned, shade that works everywhere.

Shade I is exactly like H, but without sparkles.

Shade J is the best pigmented black I have ever used.. Like this thing no joke is crazy strong.